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Why use Bitcoin?

Bitcoin allows its users to transact directly with one another. This 'peer-to-peer' platform removes the need for an intermediary, enabling the user to take complete control of his-or-her own finances.

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Essentially, Bitcoin allows you to buy and sell goods using digital currency, without the involvement and fees of traditional banking institutions, over a secure network that uses groundbreaking technology to track transactions and keep your funds safe.

It's fast, simple, secure and gaining ground as a viable, internationally recognized way to transfer money and make purchases.


How it works

BitNational has a number of Bitcoin ATMs (BTMs) set up around Calgary, Edmonton and Greater Vancouver, with many more cities to come. With BitNational, buying bitcoin using your Canadian bank account or physical Canadian dollars has never been easier or more convenient.


You'll need a Bitcoin wallet: an encrypted digital holding area that stores your bitcoin and keeps tabs on your transactions. The Bitcoin blockchain, which is the cryptographically-driven nerve centre of the currency, does the rest of the work. The blockchain is a complex and dynamic form of technology -- one that can be difficult to understand -- but fear not. It provides a secure way to store your money, and with a bit of research and practice most Bitcoin users will find that this technology isn't that intimidating after all.


So are you ready to put the power of digital currency behind your purchases?

Many companies already accept Bitcoin and more are sure to get on board.

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