News Roundup for August 23rd

Friday, August 23rd 2019

Recent Headlines

Ripple Partnership Provides New Payment Rail for UK Remittance Firm

Distributed ledger startup Ripple has added UK-based remittance firm, Xendpay, to its global settlements platform. According to a statement published August 21, RippleNet will enable the use of "smaller currencies", like the Bangladeshi taka or Malaysian ringgit, a process which would have previously required Xendpay to form local banking partnerships to accomplish. Read more...

Central Banks Driving Demand for Bitcoin

The demand for bitcoin has certainly been tangible over the past few months. Even with a correction of around 30%, the digital asset is still up over 160% this year. That growth could have been spurred by central banks devaluing their own currencies. Read more...

Understanding Litecoin’s Dusting Attack: What Happened and Why

Two weeks after the Litecoin halving, the network experienced a major dusting attack, which sources say might have affected around 200,000 wallets. The perpetrator claims that he was unaware of the implications and was simply advertising his mining pool. Even still, let's use this opportunity to learn about what a dusting attack is. Read more...

R3 Plagued by Internal Conflicts Over Corda, Sources Claim

The development of R3's enterprise blockchain platform Corda is reportedly beset by fundamental disagreements between engineers and senior management over its core vision, causing frustrating and delay. Sources allege that engineers have lost faith in the technology itself, calling it sluggish and lacking scalability. Read more... CEO: Crypto Will Continue to Grow, Mainly Outside the US

Glenn Fogel, who was recently appointed CEO of, expressed his support for cryptocurrencies in an interview with Skift. Predicting that cash will be rarely used in the future, the executive said he sees the potential for a new form of global currency that is protected and secure. Read more...

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