Who We Are

Canada's first comprehensive crypto exchange network

Who is BitNational?

Founded in 2013, BitNational installed its first ATM over five years ago and has grown to become a respected trailblazer in the Canadian cryptocurrency ecosystem. Our network now comprises all of Western Canada and features over 50 physical access points, including three over-the-counter branches. With the launch of the BitNational online exchange in 2019, we’re poised to become a significant player in the global cryptocurrency ecosystem by offering Canada’s most comprehensive, advanced and easy to use cryptocurrency transaction network.

The BitNational Token

The BNL Token (Smart Contract Address 0xa717d0f45652fb430fd84d3d1b6b02e4510102ea) allows for instant transactions on the BitNational Crypto Exchange Network, which includes an online exchange that can process nearly 1 million transactions per second. This ERC 20 token runs natively on the Ethereum blockchain and serves as a base trading pair alongside CAD, USD and BTC. By using BNL trading pairs, traders transacting on our platform will enjoy discounts on trading fees (as low as 0.1%).

Introducing Canada's most advanced and comprehensive crypto exchange network, and the BNL Token

Buy & Sell Cryptocurrency on Canada’s most advanced and comprehensive crypto exchange network